About Us

Palm Insure, Inc. is a full service Managing General Agency (MGA) specializing in non-standard automobile insurance in Florida.

Welcome to Alert Auto Insurance

Palm Insure, Inc. is a full service Managing General Agency (MGA) specializing in non-standard automobile insurance in Florida. Founded in 2011, Palm Insure is based on the philosophy of providing excellent customer service to our agents and our insureds. The non-standard insurance market in Florida is met with many challenges and the staff at Palm Insure is uniquely qualified to best handle the industry.

Our Staff

Palm insure has assembled an experienced staff that is professional and has expertise on all facades of the automobile insurance industry. From underwriting to claims to reporting to information technology, all of our staff members are dedicated insurance professionals who take pride in their vast experience and who dedicate themselves to continuing their education and understanding of the industry.

Underwriting and Accounting

Palm Insure has staff members with more than 30 years of experience in underwriting Florida insurance. These managers bring experience from top companies like State Farm and Mercury. Experienced in state rate filings, insurance accounting, and complex insurance reporting, the staff at Palm Insure has a complete understanding of how to analyze and comprehend the business trends and is able to react to market requirements quickly and accurately.

Claims Management

Palm Insure has assembled an impressive staff to oversee claims. The claims management team has experts in Personal Injury Protection, Liability, and Property Damage. These three managers work together to oversee all claims including adjusting, fraud detection, and timely processing. With more than 50 years of claims experience, our claims staff is more than prepared to handle claims effectively and with an eye on performance.

Special Investigation Unit

Palm Insure has teamed with SIU Support Services to aggressively fight fraud and to increase the speed of which claims are processed. SIU Support Services brings more than 25 years investigative experience to the team at Palm Insure.

Customer Service

Palm Insure is dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry. In the insurance business retention is vital and achieved only through superior service. Palm Insure’s agents and insureds will have 24-7 access to a state-of-the-art web portal which will allow them access to documents and validation of their policy state. Agents can call our (800) number for policy requests and information while insured can call toll-free for payment processing. Insureds will have the capability to report a claim 24-7.